Buying tickets

At you can pre-book and buy tickets for public transport in all of Sweden and to the stations where our trains calls in Denmark. Here you also can buy seat reservation for the Öresundståg - except during the summer of 2024. Other tickets for Denmark is sold, for example, by DSB.

From June 4 and until autumn 2024, it is not possible to book a seat ticket on the Öresundståg.

No seat tickets this summer on the Öresundståg

When you book a ticket for a journey with Öresundståg after 4 June, you can no longer book a seat ticket. For all tickets sold, free seating applies in the section you have a ticket for - either 1st class or 2nd class.

 The reason is the new national distribution system. The system is currently under development. During the autumn, we expect to be able to offer seat reservations again.

You can purchase your Öresundståg ticket via this website, via one of the public transport companies' ticket machines and apps or at their other points of sale.

Ticket machines are available at every Swedish station where our trains call, plus at Copenhagen Central Station and Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup). When travelling from other stations in Denmark, we refer you to DSB.

Via the following links you can find the public transport companies' points of sale.

Please observe that it is not possible to purchase tickets on board the train. You need to have a valid ticket when boarding the train.

If you have bought your ticket from one of the county traffic apps in your smartphone, the ticket must be activated to be valid. The ticket have to be activated before the train's original departure time.

Taking the train to the vacation flight once in a while, or commuting daily to work and school – no matter what, there is a number of different ticket options for traveling with Öresundståg.

At, you can buy single fare tickets and Resplus tickets. These are suitable for you who travel just once in a while, who wish to plan your travels in advance, or who is going on longer journeys encompassing several transport companies.

If you travel regularly or are planning to commute, the regional public transport authorities that make out the Öresundståg cooperation may have different options that are more suitable – such as travel funds and period cards.

For more information about these offers and where to purchase them, please contact your local regional public transport authority:

* Also for Västtrafik's area (Göteborg, Mölndal, Kungsbacka, Åsa).

** Tickets Göteborg - Varberg

Your Öresund train ticket is valid not only for the train journey, but also on the city bus to and from the station!

A pre-booked ticket is valid only for traveling with the specified departure. Depending on the type of ticket, there are different possibilities for re-booking and cancellation. More flexible tickets can be purchased from the reginal public transport companies.

Traveling within City Zone


Your ticket for Öresundståg is also valid for the public transport within the city zone that you are traveling from and to. The ticket is valid for one connecting trip within one hour before the train’s departure time and one hour after it’s arrival time.

For more information about traveling within the city zone, please contact the regional public company that you will be traveling with.


When traveling with Öresundståg to or from Denmark, your single ticket is valid for public transport in area F+L (zones 1, 3 and 4) during the traffic day (00:00-23:59) indicated on the ticket.

Zonkarta (PDF)

Public transport included are the S-trains (DSB), Movia's city buses, the Harbor Bus and the Metro. This applies to both an arrival ticket and a departure ticket in Denmark with the Öresund train to or from Sweden.

For example, if you travel from Kalmar to CPH Airport (Kastrup) and arrive with the Öresund train on April 4 at 10:00 you can use public transport in zones 1, 3 and 4 until 23:59 that day.

Are you then going back to Kalmar from CPH Airport (Kastrup) on April 6 at 18:00 you can travel on public transport in zones 1, 3 and 4 from 00:00 on 6 April until your train departs.

Travelling from Copenhagen

A ticket with departure station within zones F + L – e.g. Copenhagen Central Station or CPH Airport – is valid for any Öresundståg on the same line within three hours prior to and three hours after the specified departure. No re-booking is required. Seat reservations do not carry over.

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If you have a ticket with a student discount, you need to be able to show your digital student card with the public transport discount logo for students "Studentresesymbolen" at the ticket control. Otherwise, a full price (adult) ticket must be bought before the journey begins.