Compensation for delays

Our ambition is for all trains to be on time, but unfortunately, we do not always live up to this. If you have been at least 20 minutes delayed, you can apply for compensation. The compensation is based on the size of the delay and the ticket fare.

To apply for compensation, please contact the regional public transport company in the county where your journey with Öresundståg started.

The following links will take you to the regional public transport companies' respective application form:

* Also for journeys from Kungsbacka and Åsa

** If you have bought a card/ticket from DSB, see DSB's travel time guarantee.

*** Also for travels by the Öresund bridge. If the delay occurs in Denmark on a journey from Denmark to Skåne. If the delay occurs in Skåne on a journey from Skåne to Denmark. See Skånetrafiken's terms.

For more information, please contact your regional public transport company. 

When traveling with another carrier―either separately or in combination with Öresundståg―the carrier's own terms of travel apply.


If you have traveled with a Resplus Ticket consisting of two or more subsequent train journeys, and have been delayed, you apply for compensation using the Resplus form. If you have a Resplus Ticket it is written on your ticket.

Other tickets - Förköpt enkel

For tickets that are not Resplus you are in the event of a delay, entitled to the following compensation:

  • 50 % of the ticket fare for a delay of 20–39 minutes
  • 75 % of the ticket fare for a delay of 40–59 minutes
  • 100 % of the ticket fare for a delay of 60 minutes or more 

This also apply for travels by the Öresund bridge to and including Copenhagen airport/Kastrup and in the opposite direction towards Sweden.  

Travels with the Öresund train that continues or starts further in in Denmark are compensated as follows: 

  • 25 % of the ticket fare for a delay of 60–119 minutes
  • 50 % of the ticket fare for a delay of 120 minutes or more 

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