If you have a disability or special needs your have a right to assistance at stations and transfer point in connection with your journey.


The middle car of the train is a low-floor car that has been adapted for easier boarding with wheelchairs. The interior has a wider free area for easier navigation on board. In the low-floor car, there is also an accessible WC.

Subject to availability, wheelchairs may be brought on board. The combined weight of the passenger and wheelchair may not exceed 300 kg, and the wheelchair may measure a maximum of 70 cm wide and 120 cm long. If required, a ramp can be extended by the on board staff to help boarding and alighting.

Though it is not mandatory to reserve a wheelchair seat when travelling with Öresundståg, you can do so if you wish. There is space for up to nine wheelchairs on board, whereof two seats are reservable when purchasing your tickets online.

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Assistance Service

Any passenger with a disability or with special needs has a right to assistance at stations and transfer point in connection with their journey. The assistance service is free of charge and is handled by the regional public transport companies.

Please contact the regional public transport company where you wish to book assistance.


For journeys in Denmark and from Denmark to Sweden with the Öresund train, the following applies:

As a traveler, you get help with boarding and disembarking as well as help with luggage up to 20 kg. You can book assistance both via telephone +45 70 13 14 19 (open 24 hours a day) or via a form on DSB's website.

The assistance must be booked no later than 12 hours before departure. You can find more information at  

Danish tickets: Companions do not travel for free. Both you and your companion must have a ticket and can buy discounted tickets if you have one of the following cards: Membership card from Dansk Blindesamfund, membership card from Synscenter Refsnæs or companion card Denmark from Danske handicaporganisationer. Even when traveling with "Rejsekort personal - handicap" you can bring a companion with you at a reduced price.

  • The companion ticket is a discount you and your companion get access to if you meet specific requirements for needing assistance. The discount means that you are allowed to travel on a child ticket as an adult. The child ticket can be purchased in the app, be on a card or something else. In some sales channels, you can alternatively buy an accompanying order ticket instead of a child ticket. The ticket is available both for you and your companion.
  • The requirement is that you have one of the following cards: Member card from Dansk Blindesamfund, member card from Synscenter Refsnæs or companion card Denmark from Danish handicap organisations. If you travel with a "Personal Travel Card - Handicap", you can always bring a companion with you at the reduced price.
  • Children
    The adult traveler may bring 2 children under 12 years of age free of charge.
    Adult traveler + companion may bring 4 children under 12 free of charge.
    Child travelers may bring 1 child under 12 years of age free of charge.
    Child traveler + companion may take 3 children under 12 years free of charge.

Skånetrafiken's service travel ticket: Companions travel free of charge on traffic within the Öresund tariff, which also includes the journey by ferry Helsingborg-Helsingör. You who have the service travel ticket must, however, buy a Malmö (Hyllie)-Denmark or Helsingborg-Denmark ticket via the HH route. The ticket is also valid on the bus, local train and Metro. When traveling by other modes of transport than the Öresund train, you must carry identification and an inspection receipt showing that the card contains a service travel ticket.

Assistance- and service dogs

An assistance or service dog is included at no extra cost and may stay in the entire train - that is, even outside the pet department.