Terms & Conditions

Here you will find the terms and conditions of traveling by public transport in southern Sweden, and of ticket purchase via Oresundstag.se.

Terms and Conditions of Travel

For traveling on a Single Fare ticket with Blekingetrafiken, Hallandstrafiken, Jönköpings Länstrafik, Kalmar Länstrafik, Länstrafiken Kronoberg and Skånetrafiken, the terms and conditions of travel by public transport in southern Sweden apply. These terms and conditions also apply when traveling by Öresundståg with Västtrafik.

When traveling with Öresundståg within Denmark, Danish rules apply, corresponding to those that apply to DSB. Look at DSB's website the link: "Fælles Landsdækende Rejseregler" or "Joint National Travel Regulations". You can also contact Skånetrafiken who is responsible for the route in Denmark for more information.

For traveling on a Resplus ticket, Samtrafiken's terms and conditions of travel for Resplus journeys apply.

For traveling on a Single Fare ticket with an other carrier, the respective transport company's own terms and conditions apply.


This website offers two types of tickets: Single Fare tickets and Resplus tickets. A Single Fare ticket is a ticket for traveling with one individual carrier. A Resplus ticket is a ticket, marked ”Resplus”, for traveling with two or more carriers.

Age Limits

With Öresundståg you travel within Sweden at a discount youth fare until the day you turn 20 years. To and from Denmark, this applies until the day you turn 16 years. Two children under the age of 7 travel for free alongside a passenger with an adult ticket.

Other carriers may have other age limits and discounts.

Personal Tickets

A ticket is personal and only valid for the passenger whose name is entered. The ticket shall at inspection be shown alongside a valid ID. Passports, national ID cards, Nordic driver's licenses and the Migration Agency's LMA cards are considered valid ID's. Should the ID be lost, a police report is accepted in its stead. Children under the age of 16 need not identify themselves, but should if necessary be able to verify their age.

Ticket Validity

A ticket is valid for the mode of transport and at the time specified. An Öresundståg ticket with departure station within zone F + L in Denmark is also valid for any other Öresundståg departure for the same destination within 3 hours prior to and 3 hours following the specified departure.

An Öresundståg ticket with departure from or arrival in Sweden is valid for one (1) connecting journey in the city zone of departure and arrival, within one (1) hours from depature and arrival. For more information, please contact the regional public transport authority in question.

An Öresundståg ticket with departure from or arrival in Denmark is also valid for connecting travel within the zone specified on the ticket, within the day of validity. For more informatiom, please consult Danish terms and conditions of travel via Skånetrafiken.

Method of Delivery

This website offers the following methods of ticket delivery:


The ticket is sent as a PDF file to the specified e-mail adress within 30 minutes of completed purchase. For traveling with Öresundståg, the ticket needs not be printed but can instead be shown on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. For traveling with other carriers, other rules may apply.

Mobile Phone Ticket

The ticket is sent as an SMS to the specified telephone number approximately 24 hours before departure. For journeys within 24 hours, the ticket is sent within 30 minutes of completed purchase. Mobile phone tickets cannot be sent to North or South American telephone numbers nor to telephone numbers exceeding 16 digits. Mobile phone tickets must not be forwarded.

Rebooking and Refunds

Öresundståg offers two types of tickets: Non-rebookable/non-refundable and Refundable. Please observe that other carriers may have other terms of rebooking and refunding. Thus, combined journeys containing several carriers may have varying terms per leg.


The ticket can neither be rebooked nor refunded.


The ticket can be refunded if cancelled before the scheduled departure time. A refund may be granted up to a year from the date of departure. The booking fee is not refunded.

An Öresundståg ticket can be alternatively be rebooked for another Öresundståg depature the same day, for the same destination, before the scheduled departure. For rebooking, please contact our booking support at (+46)771-77 77 11.

Mobile Phone Tickets, E-tickets

Cancel the journey and contact our booking support at (+46)771-77 77 11 or bokningssupporten@oresundstag.se for a refund.

Refunds in Case of Illness or Death

In case of illness or death, a full refund of the ticket, including the booking fee, is granted regardless of ticket type.

In case of illness, a doctor's certificate, signed by a doctor and verified by the doctor's name, telephone number and stamp (alternatively a copy of the doctor's license), shall be provided. The certificate shall contain date and diagnosis, verifying that due to acute illness, you were unable to travel on the day the ticket was valid.

In case of death, a death certificate or certificate from a priest or a funeral agency shall be provided. The death of a close relative is also grounds for a full refund.


When you send in the certificate, it is important that the booking number is included in the header. Also clarify which passengers in your booking apply.

Without a certificate, we cannot issue a refund, so it is important that you submit this as soon as possible.

The certificate can be emailed to:  support@trainplanet.com

Mark the case with: Medical certificate + Booking number


Alternatively sent by letter to:

H1, To: TrainPlanet,

Box 613, 831 27 Östersund



Öresundståg has fixed net fares for its tickets. On top of this, a booking fee and possibly a distribution fee is charged. Other carriers may have differing pricing models.

The VAT for domestic travel is 6 %. The VAT for country border crossing travel is 0 %, including the leg within Sweden.


The ticket distribution is a collaboration with Öresundståg AB and Train Planet AB and our payment provider is Klarna Bank AB. Klarna offers different payment opions depending on the market. All available payment options are shown before purchase. They are usually by card, invoice, Swish or installment payment.


Compensation claims and the like concerning Öresundståg shall be made out to the regional public transport authority where one's journey began. For more information, see Delay Compensation and Contact Us.