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    Travel Concessions

    Taking the train to the vacation flight once in a while, or commuting daily to work and school – no matter what, there is a number of different ticket options for traveling with Öresundståg.

    At, you can buy single fare tickets and Resplus tickets. These are suitable for you who travel just once in a while, who wish to plan your travels in advance, or who is going on longer journeys encompassing several transport companies.


    If you travel regularly or are planning to commute, the regional public transport authorities that make out the Öresundståg cooperation may have different options that are more suitable – such as travel funds, Duo/family tickets and period cards.


    For more information about these offers and where to purchase them, please contact your local regional public transport authority:


    * Also for Västtrafik's area (Göteborg, Mölndal, Kungsbacka, Åsa).

    **Tickets Göteborg - Varberg