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    Lost and Found

    Öresundståg does not have its own lost and found department. All lost items that are found onboard by our staff is turned over to the third parties below.

    Found in Sweden

    Items found in Sweden are taken care of by Hittegods Sverige. Hittegods Sverige's customer service can be reached at (+46)722-03 20 23. Their opening hours are Monday–Friday 11:00–17:00.


    For more information, please visit Hittegods Sverige's website.

    Found in Denmark

    Items found in Denmark are taken care of by DSB. DSB's Lost and Found can be reached at (+45)24 68 09 60 Monday-Friday 09:00-11:00 except on holidays. Their opening hours at the Copenhagen railwaystation are Monday–Friday 08:00–20:00 and Saturday–Sunday and weekends 10:00–17:00.


    For more information, please contact DSB.

    Further Information

    In can be hard to determine where an item has been found afterwards. Therefore, we recommend you to file a report with both parties above.


    As the handling of lost and found items is handled by a third party, we at Öresundståg cannot tell whether an item has been found and registered. It is also not possible to search for lost items before they have been registered at one of the lost and found departments above.

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