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    On September 29, Sweden will open up further

    Here we have collected the most common questions we get about the coronavirus, Covid-19, regarding public transport by the Öresund trains in Sweden.




    How many people travel by Öresundståg?

    We do passenger counts every week to be able to see how travel changes. Travel has increased in recent months as both Sweden and Denmark have opened up. The number of trips in September 2021 amounted to about 60% compared to 2019, i.e. before the Corona pandemic.



    Will it be crowded on board now?

    We drive the most traffic where most people travel and with as many vehicles as possible. In general, it is quite airy on board.


    During rush hour traffic on the West Coast Line (Malmö-Gothenburg) and over the Öresund Bridge, it can sometimes be a bit crowded. For your convenience we display departures with the highest number of travellers, so you better can plan your journey. You will find them here.


    A tip - there are often more vacancies at the front of the train.



    Why don’t you just add more trains when you notice that there are a lot of people on board?

    It is difficult to calculate how quickly our travellers will return. There are many unknown factors to consider such as studies and work from home, flights from Kastrup and so on. We have a limited number of vehicles and do everything we can to ensure that these vehicles go where they are most useful for our travellers.


    If you see that the train you intend to take is full - take a later train if you can. Some routes have several departures per hour.



    I'm not fully vaccinated. How can I travel safely?

    The Swedish Public Health Agency has recommendations for you who are not fully vaccinated. You can find them here.



    I'm fully vaccinated. What do I need to keep in mind when traveling?

    The Swedish Public Health Agency still has e.g. the recommendation not to travel when you are ill. Read more about it here.



    I'm going to Denmark by train. What do I need to think about?

    For trips to Denmark, you will find information here.




    How do you clean your vehicles?

    Our trains are cleaned daily according to regular routines. So are stations, buses, other vechicles and passenger environments. 



    Keep yourself updated on the latest recommendations by visit 1177 or Public Health Authority.




    Last modified: 28 September, 2021