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    Subject to availability, you may bring one conventional, two-wheeled bicycle on board. There is room for a maximum of nine bicycles per train in the low-floor section marked with a bicycle. Should the train be full you will have to take the next train. Based on safety it is always the train crew who decides when the train is full. 


    During a transitional period in 2021, it will be possible to bring your bicycle free of charge on board an Öresund train in some counties in Sweden. Right now this applies for all counties that the Öresund train operates except Kalmar county. For Kalmar county a bicycle ticket can be bought in the vending machine at the station or in the app for Kalmar länstrafik.


    In Denmark, tickets for bicycles still apply.

    A bicycle ticket can be bought in the vending machines at the station. 


    For more information, contact your regional public transport authority.


    Last modified: May 21, 2021.