Kvinna på stationen går och tittar i sin mobiltelefon.


Here we have collected the most common questions we get about the coronavirus, Covid-19, regarding public transport by the Öresund trains in Sweden.

As public transport is an important societal function that needs to work, we make certain adjustments gradually based on the information and guidelines provided by the authorities.

Since 9 February 2022, recommendations from the Swedish Public Health Agency regarding public transport have been removed. You can read more here (in Swedish).

You should still stay at home and avoid close contact with others if you are ill with symptoms that may be covid-19.


Since 9 february 2022 you no longer need to wear a mask on board the Öresundståg.

We make efforts to ensure that the number of passengers does not exceed the number of seats on the trains. For example: 

  • Maintaining the traffic we have now and which we expanded on 12 December 2021 with, among other things, 10-minute traffic over the Öresund Bridge. We will maintain our current  timetable, even if the number of passenger decrease.
  • We use travel statistics to follow up and adapt the traffic.
  • We have the most traffic where most people travel.
  • We inform where there are more available seats on board. Often there are vacant seats at the front of the train.
  • For your convenience we display departures with the highest number of travellers, so you better can plan your journey. You will find them here.

Here are some examples that we appreciate you doing: 

  • We recommend you book the seat tickets available at, for example, oresundstag.se. Especially if you have a longer journey ahead.
  • If you see that the train you intend to take is full - take a later train if you can. Some routes have several departures per hour.
  • Let passengers disembark before bording

For trips to Denmark, you will find information .

Our trains are cleaned daily according to regular routines. So are stations, buses, other vehicles and passenger environments. 


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